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Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: Surviving or Thriving

Posted by K Clark on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, In : Self Confidence 

The theme for this years Mental Health Awareness Week centres around the theme of surviving or thriving.  To me, I view this concept as the difference between having just enough or the bare minimum to stay alive and creating the best conditions for life and being able to flourish.

In mental health these are powerful concepts as illnesses, such as depression and schizophrenia, can rob the individual of the motivation to live the best life they can and many function at a level where they are jus...

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Making Sense of Facebook: A Beginners Guide

Posted by K Clark on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, In : Self Confidence 

Facebook is the most popular of all the social media websites and applications available.  According to it’s own figures, over one billion people worldwide are active members of the site.  If you have just joined Facebook and you don’t yet know your way around the site or understand all the main features and language used on the site then this blog post hopes to make this a little clearer.  

The image above is a typical view you will see when you first log into your Facebook account.  This...

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Returning to Work After a Period of Mental Ill Health

Posted by K Clark on Tuesday, March 29, 2016, In : Self Confidence 

According to the Office of Statistics common mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, and stress related illness have become some of the top causes of long term sickness.  
 The term 'stress related illness' is often used to describe issues such as burnout, exhaustion, depression and anxiety.  Taking time out from work can provide some respite but this can then lead to anxieties around returning to work. Below are some suggestions on managing the return to work after a spell of me...

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A Beginners Guide to Social Media

Posted by K Clark on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, In : Self Confidence 
Social media has become an extremely popular way to keep in touch with friends, family and other contacts. It also provides a potential space for making new contacts and friends from around the world. There are lots of options which are targeted at different markets and work in slightly different ways. Rather than try to cover every option out there I have stuck to the three most popular.


Facebook is one of the oldest of the social media platforms and it is the most popular worldwide b...

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A Quick Guide to Developing New Healthy Habits

Posted by K Clark on Tuesday, January 12, 2016, In : Self Confidence 
The New Year can be a time for revisiting goals and setting new ones for the coming year.  Below are seven tips to help you to stay on track and ensure that your new habits become part of your regular routine.

1. Be smart
By smart, I mean, set SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.  For more information on this see my earlier blog post on goal setting.  

2. Action planning
If you imagine your goal as being the 'what' you'd like to achieve then your action pla...

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World Mental Health Day 2015: Dignity and Mental Health

Posted by K Clark on Friday, October 9, 2015, In : Self Confidence 
The 10th of October is World Mental Health Day and theme for this years events is dignity.  Dignity is such an important topic within mental health and it is a really positive step that mental health organisations are choosing to focus on this aspect of mental health this year. Below are a few of the thoughts I have had around the subject of dignity and supporting someone with a mental health issue.

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Increasing Your Social Circle and Building New Friendships

Posted by K Clark on Monday, November 3, 2014, In : Self Confidence 

Having a strong social network and doing regular social activities can help you to feel more resilient and have better mental health.  Below are a few tips of places and activities you can do to increase your social circle and create more opportunities to make new friends.

1. Learn a New Skill
Many colleges and educational establishments offer a broad range of study opportunities ranging from learning a new qualifications, vocational course and short leisure courses which teach you a new skill ...

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Setting and Achieving Goals

Posted by K Clark on Monday, June 2, 2014, In : Self Confidence 
Devils Dyke, Wheathampstead

ing able to effectively set and achieve goals can be enormously satisfying and can really help to build up self esteem and self confidence.  If you are new to goal setting then start small with daily targets that you aim to achieve that day.  Before you get started here are some points you may want to consider:

1.  Be Specific
Be precise about what it is you want to achieve.  If one of your goals is to lose weight then state exactly how much weight you would like to lose or what your target...

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Posted by K Clark on Saturday, June 8, 2013, In : Self Confidence 
Being able to express your needs and feelings in a way that is assertive is a valuable skill and can help to build self confidence.  An assertive person is able to express there views and needs clearly to others without becoming passive or aggressive.  By that I mean that you don't let others impose their point of view on you and you don't impose yours on them.  You just say what it is that you feel and want and let others do the same.

Like many skills, assertiveness takes time to master and n...

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Katherine Clark I am experienced mental health worker with 15 years experience working with young people and adults with enduring mental health needs. I have set up this blog to share some of the tips and skills I have learnt along the way. If you have any suggestions or particular questions you would like me to answer feel free to email me at [email protected]

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