Many people who experience issues with their mental health find morning times difficult.  This could be due to medication side effects, low mood or anxiety or a general lack of energy and motivation. Below are some ideas to help you to improve your morning times and establish healthier habits.

The foundations to getting a morning of to a good start are laid down in your night routine.  Getting to bed and asleep by a reasonable hour (ideally before midnight) will help to give you the energy you need for the next day.  For ideas of how to improve your night routine check this earlier blog post.
1. Select your clothes for next day
Choosing your clothing for the next day can help with any morning indecision.  Lay them out flat the night before on a chair on door.  

2. Set an alarm
Set your alarm the night before and aim to wake up before 9am.  If you have a job or morning commitments then you may need to make this earlier.  If you have a tendency to switch off your alarm and go back to sleep then you may want to consider a less convenient location for your alarm clock.  You could try moving it to another part of your bedroom so that you need to get out of bed in order to switch it off.

3. Water and medication
Start the day with a glass of water and any morning medication, if this is something you are prescribed.  You could put a fresh glass of water beside the bed the night before along with that mornings dose of medication.  Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning will help to rehydrate you and reduce any fuzzy headed feelings that you might be experiencing.

4. Washing and Dressing
Starting the day feeling clean and fresh will help you to feel motivated and more energised.  Have a wash or shower, clean your teeth, comb your hair, apply fresh deodorant and get dressed.  

5. Open curtains
Opening curtains and blinds will let in natural daylight and this will help to lift your mood and boost your energy levels. 

6. Breakfast
Although you may not have much of an appetite in the morning, breakfast is important as it is likely that you will have gone 8 hours or more without food and your body will need some fuel to help you get going. If you do not feel like a meal in the morning then you could have something light like some fresh fruit, a smoothie, cereal or a cereal bar. 

7. Get moving
Try to start the day with some physical activity as this will help to revitalise you and help you to feel more awake.  Some ideas could include taking a dog for a walk, doing some housework , going for a walk, doing some gardening or some exercises like yoga.