I've been working on improving some of my existing worksheets and gradually adding a few more.  Here are the most recent additions:

Mindfulness full body scan colouring sheet

The idea of this is to combine the mindful body scan, where you work your attention down your body from your head to your toes 'checking in'.  While you do this the colouring sheet provides a place to record how you are feeling, for instance, where you are holding tension, where you feel pain or discomfort and also where in your body do you feel a stillness and sense of comfort.  You can also note how warm or cold that area feels and other characteristics.  It is hoped that there are also enough details to provide something enjoyable to colour and an opportunity to take a break and relax from daily stresses.

Another new worksheet added is this Mood Wall.

The wall is made up of bricks which represent the days of a month and along the top there is a scale to identify and record colours that reflect that mood or state of mind.  The plan is that you can colour your daily bricks to record how that day has been for you.  When you monitor your mood in this way it can provide a helpful tool for reflecting on how the month has been.  Often we find it hard to reflect on positive events and feelings when we are feeing down or in a distressed state of mind so having a record can help to provide some perspective and an overview so you can see the changes that occur in your mood throughout a month.  There are more bricks on the wall so you can record for longer than a month if you wish.

There is also space on the sheet to record any triggers during the month.  These can be events that have led to a positive as well as negative change to your mood.  Having this record can help to recognise actions and events that have an influence on our mood so we can make changes, where possible, to increase the positive and reduce the negative.