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Activities You Can Do on Christmas Day

Posted by K Clark on Tuesday, December 22, 2015, In : Building Structure 
Christmas Day is often thought of as a time when people spend time with family or loved ones, but for some this is not possible.  This could be due to family circumstances, ill health, finances or personal choice.  Whatever the reason, below are some suggestions of activities you can do over the Christmas period that can be done alone or with company and don't require extra cash.

1. Visit local parks and nature reserves
Getting out off the house and filling your lungs with some fresh air can be...

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12 Free or Low Cost Activities To Do This Winter

Posted by K Clark on Saturday, December 20, 2014, In : Building Structure 

With Christmas, New Year and rising fuel bills winter time can be tough on the pocket so finding some low cost or free activities to fit around the expenses can really help the pennies go a little further.  Below are 12 suggestions of activities you can do that cost little or no money.  

1. Visit Local Parks, Gardens and Nature Reserves
Although it may be cold out, if you wrap up warm a brisk walk can be really invigorating.  Visit Parks and Gardens website to find parks, public gardens, nature...

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Filling Your Days With Meaningful Activities

Posted by K Clark on Thursday, May 1, 2014, In : Building Structure 
When you have an extended period of free time it can become very easy for your days to loose structure or meaning.  Sometimes this free time is a choice and other times it is imposed on us, either through personal circumstances such as ill health or disability, or through an external situation like redundancy.  Filling the time with activities that feel meaningful to you can help your days maintain structure, reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and help to build confidence and learn n...
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