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Decluttering Tips: Items That You Can Recycle

Posted by K Clark on Monday, January 25, 2016, In : Homecare 

Embarking on a task like decluttering can be an emotional experience.  We can form attachments to objects, sometimes long after they are useful to us, so letting them go can feel hard.  Often knowing that the items are going to a new home or will be put to a new use can make this process easier to manage. Below are some ideas and suggestions of ways of disposing of some hoarded or unwanted items.

Books can be easy items to rehome, especially if they are in a good condition.  In this insta...

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Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Posted by K Clark on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, In : Homecare 
1.  Plan
Before tackling each area get yourself 4 boxes.  Label one 'Keep', one 'Donate', one 'Sell' and one 'Throw'.  Every item you sort out must be allocated to one box and don't second guess yourself once you have made a decision. 

2. Break tasks down in to small chunks
Rather than deciding to tackle your whole house or even a whole room look for small areas that you can work on for a given period.  For example, start with a drawer or or shelf and work through each item in that area allocat...

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